This week's elementary staff spotlight is Lauren Zucati. If you need something done, Lauren will help you take it on. She works tirelessly to support staff and students in making this school a great place. Lauren is an awesome addition to our team, bringing her sense of humor and willingness to work with all students. Thank you for all you do, Lauren! Your sacrifices don't go unnoticed!
4 days ago, Curtis McConnell
Work behind the scenes and behind Williams Street as Mossyrock staff lay the groundwork to prepare for the future. These guys are preparing the conduit that will provide electricity and internet for four new portable classrooms at MHS.
5 days ago, Mark Chandler
Shout out to our students who are taking their skills to the State Wresting Championships at the Tacoma Dome! Mossyrock Mat Monsters in the youth wrestling club are wresting there tomorrow to compete at state. Congratulations to our littlest Vikings doing big things!
16 days ago, Curtis McConnell
Mat Monsters!
This week our elementary staff spotlight was Heather Davis. Heather is a knowledgeable teacher that works hard for her students. She collaborates effectively, commits to each student’s learning, and communicates excellently with everyone, students and staff alike! She always has a smile and a great attitude! She gives people grace and is part of the solution in any given situation. You’re a rockstar, Heather. We are glad you’re here!
16 days ago, Curtis McConnell
We would like to recognize our high school FCCLA teacher and advisor Crystal West in recognition of National FCCLA Week. Crystal teaches Family Consumer Science, Independent Living, Digitools, and Office User classes to JH and HS students. These are all CTE classes. She also leads a very active FCCLA club. They are famous for their “coffee cart” every Friday for students and staff. Her club is also active within the school and community serving refreshments at the college & career night and lunch for our Veterans’ to name a few. We appreciate all she does for everyone and her dedication to the Mossyrock School District. Congratulations Crystal!
19 days ago, Curtis McConnell
Tomorrow, 2/14 the elementary building K-5th grade only will participate in a off campus evacuation drill. The purpose of the drill is to maintain and improve on safety procedures for the whole district. During this drill we will transport these students off campus to further improve and evaluate our safety procedures. We don't anticipate this drill lasting longer than an hour and these students will be resuming school after the drill.
20 days ago, Curtis McConnell
Here’s Ms Kim, our Food Service Director making homemade raspberry freezer jam and raspberry sauce for our Valentine’s Day waffles next Wednesday. These berries were provided by Washington state commodities as part of our National School Lunch Program.
24 days ago, Mark Chandler
Val Day
This week's elementary staff spotlight is Adrienne Givens. Adrienne is a hardworking educator that strives to do her best everyday. She is a veteran teacher that contributes to the school around her, an active member of the PTO, and a mentor for teachers in the school. She manages her classroom with a vigilant gaze and a warm heart. Adrienne’s students leave for 1st grade prepared and with a wonderful relationship with her. Thanks, Adrienne! We are lucky to have you here!
26 days ago, Curtis McConnell
We would like to recognize our K-12 school counselor Alex Nelson in recognition of National School Counseling Week. Alex is a valuable asset to our district as she works with all levels of students, parents and staff. In addition, she is also the High School Volleyball Coach. She also is a pleasure to work with! We appreciate all she does for everyone and her dedication to the Mossyrock School District. Congratulations Alex!
27 days ago, Curtis McConnell
This week's elementary staff spotlight is Tisha Bigbee. Tisha works tirelessly in her special education classroom to support students and advocate for them. She has been extremely flexible and willing to support everyone around her. Tisha has accepted additional responsibilities recently to support that all students receive an equitable/equal education. Tisha, thank you for your dedication and all that you do!
about 1 month ago, Curtis McConnell
Congratulations to Randy Torrey who is our secondary staff spotlight this week. He teaches JH geography, US history, and PE. He is also the Athletic Director and coaches Jr. High girls’ basketball. Our 8th grade student council chose Randy because he makes history fun by changing things up, helps students’ with their work, and rewards students for finishing their work. Congratulations Randy! Thanks for all you do!
about 1 month ago, Curtis McConnell
Our elementary staff spotlight is Alyssa Ramirez Guzman. As our new Migrant Coordinator, she is working on helping support students and lifting barriers. She works across the district with students and helps connect families to the supports and resources they need. As a multilingual staff member, Alyssa is an invaluable part of our team. She always has a smile and is willing to help everyone around her. Thanks for everything you do, Alyssa!
about 1 month ago, Curtis McConnell
Our Elementary Staff Spotlight is Chandler Kraft. Chandler is a new addition to our district and, in her 5th grade class, provides her students with a safe place to learn and grow. Chandler has done a great job at setting the bar high at each student's level. She is a great person to work with and always has a kind smile for the people around her. She has made positive relationships with students and parents, always working hard to put her students' needs first. Thank you Chandler for all you do!
about 2 months ago, Curtis McConnell
Our Elementary staff spotlight is Emily Edgar. Emily has been positive, respectful, and models the culture we want at MES. Emily is a team player and is willing to help step up to support our students. She is an aspiring educator, actively growing towards her teaching certificate. She gives constructive feedback, working to improve the things around her and contributes to solve the problems/barriers in her program. Thanks for what you do, Emily! Our Secondary staff spotlight is Jacki Phelan! Congratulations to Jacki for being chosen by the ASB to be in the secondary spotlight this week. Jacki loves teaching math! She teaches 8th Grade Math, Algebra1 and Business Math this year. Jacki was chosen by the ASB for being helpful, fun, positive and spends extra time at school helping students improve their grades. ASB also commented on how much she smiles! Congratulations Jacki! Thanks for all you do!
2 months ago, Curtis McConnell
Last week's elementary staff spotlight was Katie Fitzhugh. Katie has made a safe and intentional space for her students to learn and grow. Students are making progress and are engaged academically as Katie works tirelessly on supporting everyone around her. She also is a great teacher leader, making sure everyone around her is supported. She contributes to the school as a whole, reaching beyond just her 2nd grade classroom. Thanks for all you do Katie! Last week's secondary staff spotlight was Casey Taylor. Congratulations to Casey Taylor who is our secondary staff spotlight this week. He teaches JH science, robotics and PE classes this year. He is also our high school track coach. Our 8th grade student council chose Casey because he makes class fun, is patient, nice and wears great socks! For anyone who knows Casey you will know what is meant by great socks! Congratulations Casey! Thanks for all you do!
3 months ago, Curtis McConnell
Last week's elementary staff spotlight was Charlene Chandler. Charlene is our reading interventionist and works with students schoolwide. She’s kind, empathic, and extremely patient with others. She has a great sense of humor that makes working with kids even more enjoyable. She shows up, works hard, and teaches kids. Thank you for what you do! Last week's secondary staff spotlight was Phil Voelker. Congratulations to Phil Voelker! He teaches high school physical science, biology, advanced biology and astronomy classes this year. ASB chose Phil because he is fun, helps with assignments, is personable, provides snacks J, and is always willing to help with school wide events. Congratulations Phil! Thanks for all you do!
4 months ago, Curtis McConnell
Phil Voelker, Left
Last week's Elementary Staff Spotlight was Shannon Cuddie. Shannon is a passionate, veteran educator that goes above and beyond for her students. She has joined our ranks and push us all to be the best versions of ourselves. In the classroom, Shannon creates an environment where students thrive. She builds and maintains connections with staff, students, and parents in order to best serve our kids! Last week's Secondary Staff Spotlight was Rusty Nelson. Congratulations to Rusty Nelson for being chosen by the ASB to be in the secondary staff spotlight this week. Rusty graduated from Mossyrock and has taught in Mossyrock for a long time. His content area is history. He teaches world history, US history and CWP/Civics. Rusty was chosen by the ASB because he is funny, makes class interesting, treats everyone the same, allows extra time for homework and takes feedback from students. Congratulations Rusty! Thanks for all you do!
4 months ago, Curtis McConnell
ATTENTION!! Congrats! to Joan Wedam for qualifying and participating in State Cross Country! Thanks Joan for representing Mossyrock well. Tomorrow, Tuesday November 7, 2023 at 8:25 there will be a parade for our Mossyrock Volleyball players that are headed to state. Come out and show them some support. The Viking football team will head into state action next week! Mossyrock fall sports is making a mark on state competitions! Go Vikings!
4 months ago, Mark Chandler
Way to go students of the month!! Keep up the good work! Mossyrock Elementary School Students are recognized for their efforts and attitude during the October Student of the Month Awards.
4 months ago, Mark Chandler
Cupcake Wars was a tasty treat at the high school!
4 months ago, Mark Chandler