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Asbestos Information

Asbestos Abatement Program
In 1986, the Federal Government passed a law called the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). This law addresses the presence of asbestos in school buildings. Since that time, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued rules that school districts and employees must follow to comply with AHERA. Those rules required school districts to inspect their buildings for asbestos, develop management plans, and finally, to take action to correct whatever problems are discovered.
The Mossyrock School District #206 completed a management plan in the fall of 1989. The plan calls for regular inspections of all school buildings and training of maintenance staff in the inspection process. Management plans are routine documents required by law for all schools and do not necessarily mean that an asbestos problem exists at the school.
The District conducted an extensive asbestos abatement project in 1993. The only known asbestos remaining in the District has been encapsulated with plywood and vinyl coated tile, and these areas are in the elementary and high school floors. Mossyrock is no longer required to have 3-year inspections.
It is the intention of Mossyrock School District to comply with all federal and state regulations controlling asbestos and to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure students and employees a healthy and safe environment in which to learn and work. You are welcome to review a copy of the asbestos management plan in the Mossyrock School district Administrative Office during regular business hours.
Mr. Geeg Ecklund is our designated asbestos program coordinator, and all inquiries regarding the asbestos plan and asbestos-related issues should be directed to him at (360) 983-3181 at extension 123.