Reopening School Q & A

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Reopening Mossyrock Q & A

Q1  What is a hybrid face to face model exactly?  

A1  At Mossyrock our Vikings in K-3rd grades will attend school 4 days a week and will be grouped together in classrooms with a target of 15 or fewer students, all wearing masks and all 6ft apart.  Our Vikings in 4th -12th grade will attend school 2 days a week and be grouped in classrooms with a target of 15 or fewer students, all wearing masks and all 6ft apart.  We plan for all Wednesday’s to be non-student days and teachers will use this time for professional development, office hours, parent contact and preparation.  All students will be assigned a Chromebook and our teachers will use Google Classroom to organize our content and communication.  Here’s a sample/draft of a Junior High/High School  schedule in the works:

1st Period


2nd Period


3rd Period


4th Period




Junior High Lunch while High School has Advisory

5th Period


6th Period


7th Period


Q2  What will transportation look like?

A2  Regular transportation will be provided with all students and drivers required to wear masks, windows will be left open when possible.  Children from the same families will sit together and social distancing will be organized as students enter the bus.  Parents will be encouraged to transport when able and we know that 6ft distancing will be impossible at times.  Buses will be cleaned after every ride.

Q3  What is Parent Attestation?

A3  Parents will be required to take each child's temperature as well as screen for symptoms and verify via writing (perhaps using an app) that their child is healthy and ready to go each day. Parents will send their child to school with a signed attestation each day formally certifying that they checked each child.  Staff will be screened in the same way each day too.

Q4  What will arrival look like?

A4  When students arrive on the bus they will be required to show their parent attestation form; those that don’t have their attestation must be screened at school. If someone is found to have a temperature or any of the key symptoms identified by the health department, the student will be isolated and wait for parent pick up.  The area will be cleaned after the student is picked up.  Students that are screened without symptoms will be sent directly to class.

Q5   What precautions are we taking for meal times?

A5   Students will be seated in the cafeteria with their cohort with 6ft separation. Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for grades k-6, grades 7-12 will be grab and go style. We have added additional lunch periods to meet social distancing requirements. Self service salad bars will not be offered. We have moved to a touch-less payment system, eliminating student use of the keypad. Food service servers will be wearing additional protective equipment.  Each table and common high touch areas will be cleaned after each meal period.

Q6   What daily and regular cleaning protocols will be used?

A6   Our custodial staff will be cleaning common, high touch areas several times daily.  Evening cleaning will focus on sanitizing frequent use areas.  Teachers will be provided with appropriate cleaning materials for in class daily use.

Q7   What will recess look like?

A7 K-5 students will have daily recess with their cohort. When more than one cohort is at recess together, the playground will be zoned and cohorts will take turns using the zones on different days. Zones will be supervised and enforced by teachers and paras. The zones include the wood chips, the tennis courts, the field, the track, and the asphalt. Masks are not required for outside play. 

Q8   What about PE, Music and Library in the Elementary School?

A8  In our Hybrid model K-6 students will have thirty minutes of specials classes each day. PE will take place in the gym or outside. All other specials will be taught in the students’ regular classroom to avoid cross contamination between cohorts. For example, Ms. Brooks will travel to each classroom on an assigned library day. She will bring sanitized books with her for check-out. 

Q9   Will masks be required all day?

A9   All staff and students will be required to wear masks while they are in the building.  Masks will not be worn at recess or at lunch.  Mask breaks will be built into the day.  Some students and staff will need special accommodations. 

Q10   How will attendance be taken each day?

A10   Attendance will be taken in the first twenty minutes of the school day in elementary and the first ten minutes of the period in secondary. On remote-learning days, students will be required to fill out a Google Form to confirm their participation from home that day.

Q11   How will grading be done in the secondary grades?

A11   Unlike last year, OSPI is not giving direction on grading this year.  Teachers will revert back to our regular practices regarding grading.

Q12  What about Mossyrock Academy?

A12   The Academy will continue business as usual with very few exceptions.

Q13   What about our Learning Center?

A13   Learning Center students will attend classes in accordance with the same schedule as their peers. 

Q14   Will Visitors and Volunteers be allowed?

A14   We will not be allowing visitors, guest speakers or volunteers on campus during the pandemic.  Staff may use Google Meets as a way to invite guests virtually.

Q15   Can my child switch back and forth between the Hybrid and Fully Online Models?

A15   A child may switch and may need to switch to fully online from Hybrid if they get sick but all transfers the other way will need to wait until the end of the semester because in some cases in order to maintain social distancing requirements we won’t have enough space to add another student.

Q16   What is the process for checking-out a student in the middle of the school day? 

A16   Parents will have to call ahead to the building secretary and wait in the car for their child. An adult will walk the child to the vehicle to get a sign-out signature.

Q17   What will your Fully Online model look like?

A17   We will be using Google Classroom as our home-base for all classes.  Google Drive will be our key tool for document storage.  Google Meets will be our tool for live video meetings. ScreenCastify will be provided for teachers to make videos for instruction and for students to create videos for assignments.  We are also exploring the use of Odysseyware for some classes.  Students will log in daily,, the guidance from OSPI is no more than 3 hours for 6-12th  graders, 90 minutes for 4-5th graders, 60 minutes for 2-3rd graders and 30 minutes for Kindergarteners.

Q18  What might a Fully Online High School Schedule look like?

A18   High School students will start each day, while in Fully Online mode, with 30 minutes in Advisory.  Next, on one day students would attend 3 online classes for a total of 3.5 hours total.  Their second day online would again start with 30 minutes of Advisory, followed by 4 classes online for a total of  4.5 hours on that day.  Here’s a sample/draft schedule in the works:

Day One

Day Two

Advisory (30 Minutes)

Advisory (30 Minutes)

Advisory would happen daily to meet daily attendance requirements

Student Break 

(30 Minutes)

Student Break 

(30 Minutes)

Break used to contact students that didn’t log into Advisory

Period 1

Period 4

Periods would be 1 hour each

Period 2

Period 5

Period 3

Period 6

Period 7

Total Hours 3.5

Total Hours 4.5

Q21   What are we doing to help students with incompletes from last spring?

A21   Students with incompletes from last spring can either retake the class or make up the class on Odysseyware.  We mailed a letter to each student who had an incomplete, reminding them that their work needs to be completed.

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