Mossyrock Reopening Plan

Academic and Well-Being Recovery Plan

Mossyrock School District

2020-21 Reopening Plan

We opened Mossyrock Schools using a hybrid model on September 8, 2020.

This document is intended to give the reader a clear description of the logistics we have been working through to ensure our opening follows all requirements from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Department of  Labor and Industry and the Health Department.  As you can see, we have put in place all required safety precautions to protect our staff and our students.  This work began in May, 2020 with the formation of the Reopening Task Force which includes medical professionals, union representatives, parents, teachers, administrators, and students.  In all the Task Force included a total of 17 members; each of the sub committees included additional members.  As a Task Force, we met seven times on June 1, 8, 15, July 6, 15, 27, August 3.  Each Task Force member serves on a sub committee which has met additional times.  This document is our starting point, a work in progress, we will continue to refine our procedures even after we put this plan in action.

Special thanks to our Task Force and School Team Members:

1) Health & Safety

Lorraine Chapman, RN 

Hugo De Oliveira, ARNP

Carolyn Armstrong, RN

Janice Greene, District

Julie Cole, Elementary

2) Logistics

Tony Fitzhugh, Transportation

Chris Fried, Facilities

Cassie Cornelius, Food Services

Glenn Malone, Superintendent

3) Elementary Learning

Amy Dunnagan ~ Principal

Paige Ollikainen, MEA

Heather Davis, 2nd grade Teacher

Katie Fitzhugh, 4th grade Teacher

Trisha Robinson, Reading Specialist/Title 

Karen Wright, ELL Teacher

4) Secondary Learning

Lori Cournyer ~ Principal

Tammy Matthews, PSE

Crystal West, Counselor

Jill Cournyer, Student

Gracie West, Student

The Task Force was asked to prepare both a Hybrid Model for face to face instruction with appropriate distancing as well as a fully online model for times when the school might be closed or students might need or choose to work from home.

Hybrid Model ~ At Mossyrock our Vikings in K-3rd grades will be grouped together in classrooms with a target of 15 or fewer students, all wearing masks and all 6ft apart.  Our Vikings in 4th -12th grade will attend school 2 days a week and be grouped in classrooms with a target of 15 or fewer students, all wearing masks and all 6ft apart.  We plan for all Wednesday’s to be non-student days and teachers will use this time for professional development, office hours, parent contact and preparation.  All students will be assigned a chromebook and our teachers will use Google Classroom to organize our content and communication.  Wednesdays will also be used for sanitation.

Fully Online Model ~We will be using Google Classroom as our homebase for all classes.  Google Drive will be our key tool for document storage.  Google Meets will be our tool for live video meetings. ScreenCastify will be provided for teachers to make videos for instruction and for students to create videos for assignments.    High School students will start each day, while in Fully Online mode, with 30 minutes in Advisory.  Next, on one day students would attend 3 online classes for a total of 3.5 hours total.  Their second day online would again start with 30 minutes of Advisory, followed by 4 classes online for a total of  4.5 hours on that day.  We will be using Odysseyware for all 9-12th graders and Edgenuity for all 6-8th graders.  Our fully online option for K-5 students will look somewhat different with less screen time and more activities for our youngest grades..  Daily attendance will be required and students will log in each day.  



Student Arrival / Dismissal

  • 6 feet (Social Distancing)

  • Students stay in cars until designated arrival time

  • Arrival straight to attestation Check in. 

  • Health screening upon arrival, review parent attestation.  If no attestation, staff to ask required DOH questions prior to entering classrooms.

  • Limited  entrance points 

  • Departure: Adults remain in cars

  • Students go to cars 

  • Stagger dismissal of bus students to load bus from rear to front

Staff Arrival

  • Daily Attestation of no symptoms

Student Pick-Up/ Drop Off During Day

  • Parent calls school while in parking lot to inform staff of student arrival or waiting to retrieve student (for appts. or illness); Student will be sent out to parent and within office staff view

  • Parents do not enter building

Additional Health Screenings

  • Screen anyone who will be at school longer than 15 minutes

  • Symptoms: fever and/or chills; sore throat; runny nose; cough; nausea/vomiting; diarrhea; fatigue; headache; muscle aches; loss of appetite; loss of taste or smell.


  • K-5 students will have daily recess with their cohort. When more than one cohort is at recess together, the playground will be zoned and cohorts will take turns using the zones on different days. Zones will be supervised and enforced by teachers and paras. The zones include the wood chips, the tennis courts, the field, the track, and the asphalt. Masks are not required for outside play. 

  • Designated entrance/exit doors

  • Each class will have their own play equipment, no sharing with other classes or other students

  • We will limit the number of  students sent to the office, try to handle minor issues on the playground.  For major issues the nurse may come out to the student.

  • Disinfect frequently touched areas of playground after AM, Lunch and PM recesses (handrails of Big Toy, Slide)


  • Students will be seated in the cafeteria with their cohort with 6ft separation. Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for grades K-6, grades 7-12 will be grab and go style. We have added additional lunch periods to meet social distancing requirements. Self service salad bars will not be offered. We have moved to a touchless payment system, eliminating student use of the keypad. Food service servers will be wearing additional protective equipment.  Each table and common high touch areas will be cleaned after each meal period.


  • In our Hybrid model K-6 students will have thirty minutes of specialist classes each day. PE will take place in the gym or outside. All other specialists will be taught in the students’ regular classroom to avoid cross contamination between cohorts. For example, Ms. Brooks will travel to each classroom on an assigned library day. She will bring sanitized books with her for check-out. 

  • No blending of classrooms 

  • PE should use outdoors as much as possible.

Special Services

  • Focus on individual/small groups

  • Small-groups with distance strategies

  • Push-in when feasible

  • Staff with special needs students will have additional PPE options

  • Cloth face coverings should not be worn by: 

● Those with a disability that prevents them from comfortably wearing or removing a face covering. 

● Those with certain respiratory conditions or trouble breathing. 

● Those who are deaf or hard of hearing and use facial and mouth movements as part of communication. 

● Those advised by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional that wearing a face covering may pose a risk to that person. (Source: OSPI Draft SpEd Guidance)


  • Non-communal sharing

  • Students supply their own headphones/earbuds (district will assess for needs)


  • Individualized (no sharing)

  • Student supplies in individual desks


  • Target 15 per classroom 

  • 56.25 square feet per student 

  • Desks facing front of room or walls but not each other

  • Hand sanitizer in each classroom

  • Floor visuals (sit spots) to show student proper location of their seat to ensure 6’ apart

Hand Washing, when feasible or hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol)

  • Bus students wash hands prior to pick-up

  • In classroom (upon arrival, going/returning to recess, prior to/after eating, before school departure

  • After bathroom use

Hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol)

  • Not a substitute for hand washing

  • Not effective on dirty hands

  • Hands should stay wet for 20+ seconds

  • Fragrance Free

Face Coverings

  • Masks are required for staff and students in all public spaces, except where specific exceptions are made based on age, development, or disability and All students, volunteers, or guests must wear cloth face coverings or acceptable alternatives at school when indoors. Face shields may be an acceptable alternative in certain conditions.

  • We  can take mask breaks:  “If students need a “mask break” take them outside or to a large, well ventilated room where there is sufficient space to ensure more than six feet of physical distance between people.“

  • Students may remove face coverings to eat and drink and when they go outdoors for recess, physical education, or other outside activities when they can be physically distanced. 

  • If staff member is working in isolation, a face covering is optional

  • Required for students who are not exempt from the face covering requirement.  Should a student refuse, staff will educate students on safety compliance, implement positive behavior interventions, recommend a face shield instead of a mask, and when appropriate, consult with the student's parent or guardian.  Only as a last resort will the school exclude a student. (OSPI Reopening Schools Q&A, 6.24.2020)

Other PPE for staff

  • Face Shields available if needed in addition to face covering

  • Gowns available 

  • Gloves available

  • PPE provided at no cost to employee

  • Use disposable gloves when using shared items such as tools or supplies

  • Parents provide student PPE, the district will provide if needed

Water Bottle Filling Stations

  • Open

  • Students will need to provide water bottles as drinking fountains will be closed

Safety Skills to Teach 

  • Handwashing procedures and frequency

  • Do not touch face

  • Safe way to take off and put on face coverings

  • Keep hands/fingers to self


  • Health screening (Attestation) must be parent responsibility

  • Ventilation, open windows

  • Load bus from the back to front, students in front get off first on route

  • Assigned seats; siblings may be required to sit together

  • Students wear face coverings

  • Ill student: if no parent at the bus stop, will be brought to school and to the office.  Office will contact the parents to pick up the student.

  • Empty garbage on bus at end of day

  • Drivers wear face covering when loading and unloading students.

  • Personal items left on the bus will be placed in garbage bags and labeled with student names.  Items will be provided to the classroom teacher.

  • Sanitize bus keys daily

  • Para with special needs student will wear face covering and optional face shield/gloves

  • Drivers will clean and sanitize bus after each route

Staff/ Students with COVID Symptoms

  • Isolate then clean and disinfect area

  • Send them home

  • Cordon off any areas where person worked or touched surfaces

  • Return: at least 72 hours have passed since recovery- defined as no fever w/o meds and improved respiratory signs (cough/shortness of breath) AND at least 10 days have passed since first showed up; OR at least 72 hours since recovery AND health care provider has certified the person does not have suspected or confirmed COVID.

  • Staff caring for COVID symptom individuals will wear advanced PPE in triage room KN95 mask, gloves, face shield and gown

Cleaning Procedures

  • After individual use of copy machine, wipe down with disinfectant wipes

  • Clean and sanitize hands-on materials after each use

  • Classroom staff wipe down desks and frequently touched areas at the end of each day

  • Frequently touched common areas are washed and disinfected at least mid-day and end of day (e.g., door knobs, doors)

  • Bathrooms are cleaned (washed, sanitized) after morning recess, lunch recess and end of day (disinfected)

  • School bus: wipe frequently touched areas 

Lesson Plans

  • Staff have two week lesson plans prepared ahead of time in case of quarantine situation occurs for them as individuals


  • Use floor spots to identify 6’ apart

  • Each side of hallway has one-way traffic flow (keep to the right hand side)


  • Live Google Meets

  • Awards given in class and teacher hands them out

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