Dr. Lisa Grant ~ Superintendent
Mossyrock School District

I am honored and privileged to be the superintendent of the Mossyrock School District. It is a committed district and community with strong support for our students and staff. 

As a district, our focus is on enacting our mission each and every day in order to achieve our vision of success for every student.  To achieve this success, we strive to improve each day and to expect the best from ourselves and our students.  We are dedicated to employing continual improvement processes in order to create the opportunity for success for each and every student.  We are persistent and relentless in our pursuit of excellence and success.  

I ask you to help hold us accountable.  If you have an idea or and area to discuss, please share it with your child's teacher or school principal.  We want to work in partnership with you to ensure your child's success and the success of every child in our district.

We have a tremendous staff and exceptional students.  Together as a community, we will ensure success for everyone!

Lisa Grant, Ed.D.


Mossyrock School District

Success Belongs to Everyone!


At Mossyrock, our success comes from developing the whole child by empowering our students to exceed the state learning goals and to excel in extra-and co-curricular activities.